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Award Ceremony

The 2013
Medal of Philanthropy
will take place on
Thursday, October 17th in


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When Andrew Carnegie retired from business in 1901, he set about in earnest to distribute his fortune. In addition to libraries, he was the benefactor of numerous colleges and schools and of nonprofit organizations and associations in his adopted country, in his native Scotland and in other parts of the world. Mr. Carnegie's most significant contribution, both in terms of money and as measured by enduring influence, was the establishment of endowed trusts or institutions bearing his name.

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The Awards Process

More than 20 institutions established by Andrew Carnegie are responsible for selecting medalist and honoring those chosen to recieve the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. Nominations are made by the Carnegie family of institutions.

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2013 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Recipients Announced



Individuals, Families Honored With Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

The Carnegie UK Trust: September 22, 2011— The recipients of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, which recognizes those who use their private wealth for the public good, were announced on September 22 by the Carnegie UK Trust, on behalf of the international family of Carnegie institutions.

The philanthropic activities of this year's Carnegie medalists span the globe and include support for education, science, entrepreneurship and the arts. This year's recipients are: Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science Community Development and one of Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women; Sir Tom Hunter, the British entrepreneur who the Sunday Times of London called Scotland's first home-grown billionaire; Dr. James Harris Simons—along with his wife, economist Dr. Marilyn Simons—the American mathematician who founded one of the world's most successful hedge fund companies; Dr. Dmitry Zimin, the founder of the second largest telecom business in Russia; and Dame Janet Wolfson de Botton DBE on behalf of the Wolfson family, founders of the Wolfson Foundation.

About Andrew Carnegie

Born in 1835, Andrew Carnegie became a self-made millionaire. After selling his steel empire at the beginning of the 20th century, he devoted his life to philanthropic work, giving away the bulk of his great fortune. Today, he is widely viewed as the founding father of modern-day, strategic philanthropy.

Carnegie believed that the man who dies rich dies disgraced. He believed that the wealthy were merely stewards of their money—morally required to use it for the good of society. By the time of his death in 1919, Carnegie had been true to his convictions: he had invested some $350 million—nearly all of his fortune—to advance education, science, culture, international peace, and to recognize the heroism of outstanding individuals. More than a century later, 23 not for profit organizations, created by Carnegie’s philanthropy and carrying his name continue his mission the globe over. Andrew Carnegie left a legacy of good will and giving—a legacy evident, in part, in the subsequent generations of philanthropists who, like the 2011 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy recipients, have followed in his path.

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Pierre Omidyar unveiled as keynote speaker

Pierre Omidyar unveiled as keynote speaker.

Pierre Omidyar, the entrepreneur and philanthropist best known as the founder and chairman of eBay, will be the keynote speaker at the highly prestigious worldwide Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy ceremony this October.

Often described as the ‘Nobel Prize for philanthropy’, the Carnegie Medal is only awarded biannually to the world’s leading philanthropists. Previous winners include New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Gates Family, the Sainsbury Family, Ted Turner and Sir Tom Farmer CBE. The Medal is awarded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the network of charitable organisations Andrew Carnegie endowed in America, and across the world, including the Carnegie UK Trust.

Dates for the 2013 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Announced


 2013 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy will be held in Scotland:

October 14 – 18, 2013

Vanity Fair's Coverage of the 2011 CMOP ceremony

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